Common Questions

Can we afford The Landing at Willow Grove?

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective residents is whether the comfortable, secure environment at The Landing is affordable. That’s why we provide a cost comparison worksheet, so you can add up the current cost of living in your home or apartment and compare all these detailed costs with the services included at The Landing in one monthly and, yes, affordable rent. You will be surprised at just how affordable The Landing can be.

What may not be readily apparent in a strict cost comparison, are the benefits or value derived from a vibrant social life, the convenience of scheduled activities and transportation, and the stress-free comfort of The Landing.


How do I know when, “the time is right” to relocate to The Landing?

This is an extraordinarily personal decision. For many of our active, independent residents, the decision point was another impending snowstorm, a difficult and costly home repair or maintenance bill, or the desire to spend more time with friends and family than with chores and commuting.

Discovering the limitations of aging, whether mobility, vision, or hearing, sometimes prompts our prospective residents to seriously consider the advantages of having “a little help” available when needed. This is the value of our assisted living programs which engage the individual regardless of their limitations or disabilities in a vibrant lifestyle. Encouragement to exercise, socialize, eat right and comply with their doctors’ treatment and medication recommendations is another value our assisted living residence realize.

Some residents with memory loss or other cognitive impairment are guided to selecting The Landing because of its secure and professionally managed environment. A personalized program at The Landing addresses the needs of each person and prevents the isolation and unsafe conditions which are such a threat to persons with Alzheimer’s and related disorders living on their own.

When the “time is right”, The Landing at Willow Grove is there to address each resident’s and their families concerns and to provide a comfortable, caring environment where each person can thrive.


Will I lose connection with my friends and family?

For many of our residents, the relocation to The Landing is the first move in many years, sometimes several decades. Treasured memories will never be replaced, but within a few days sometimes weeks, our residents discover among their new neighbors shared values, tastes, and interests that quickly develop into friendships. The team at The Landing work to assure that residents and their families stay as connected as possible in as many ways as possible.

To top it off, old friends and the entire family are always welcome to visit!


What types of people live at The Landing?

The residents living at The Landing at Willow Grove are as diverse in age, interests and abilities as would be found in any other vibrant, active adult community. From the rural to the cosmopolitan, our residents are extremely varied in background, yet mealtimes and social events are filled with easy conversation, laughter and the careful listening one sees among lifelong friends.

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